World in Flames game pictures

Here are some pictures from our current WiF campaign. The quality isn't very good (sorry!) but I hope it will be good enough to illustrate what the situation is in the game.

We're playing the scenario "The race to be a superpower" from the WiF millenium annual, with some house rules (of course). This is definitely the most interesting WiF game I've played. It is even enough that we're now in mid-1945, and the game is still far from decided. The axis is still far ahead on points, but are in a steady decline. The Communist faction is looking good, having grabbed all the objectives it needs to potentially win (assuming the axis is demolished a little more). The Democracies are far behind on points, but as always have a larger industry.

May/June 1945:

Objective control

Lots of noise in Europe as the USSR expends two offensive chits in its attempts to push back the Germans. They are pushed back, but with no significant losses and the LuftWaffe reigns supreme in the eastern skies. In France, Patton is leading a horde of U.S. armour units in a drive on Paris, but with very little action thus far. The British have taken up defensive positions in Italy and Denmark, remaining passive and building up.

U.S. Navy engage the Imperial Japanese Navy off the coast of Japan, but the results are inconclusive. The U.S. lose more (and better) planes, but replace them faster than the IJN. The U.S. scores an important victories when USN submarines prevent the transportation of resources back to Japan, and when they retake Manila from the Japanese.

Sept/Oct 1945 (mid-turn):

The USSR makes peace with Germany and Patton retreats back to the Alps.

Japan finds itself in a difficult situation when the USSR declares war and overruns Manchuria.