Last update: 2005-06-10

I've been holding off registering my own domain for several years now, hoping I'd find the means to host it myself. Too long, unfortunately. I just discovered that manlig.se has been registered by a company selling beauty products for men...

So, it's about time I did this. Instead of manlig.se, I had to use manlig.org. Instead of hosting my own server, I had to find someone to host it (99kronor). Instead of a finished home page, I'll have to put up this temporary page until I can find the time to do it right. C'est la vie.

What can you expect to find here (once I get things sorted out, that is)? Well, obviously a better introduction than this. Probably some information about myself just in case there's someone out there looking for a good software developer. Then, information about games. I've got a number of hobby projects I've been hosting on a web server at work, and finding a better home for those files is the primary reason for getting a domain of my own. After that - who knows?

Page last updated: 2005-06-10
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